Our Staff

Our Headteacher is:                        John McPherson

Our Deputy Headteacher is:        Dave Jones

We have a team of 6 teaching staff and 40 full and part-time specialist teaching assistants to support the learning experience for all our pupils.

We employ a school nurse, physiotherapist and speech and language assistants who all work closely with visiting NHS staff to support the physical, medical and communication needs of our pupils.

Our Business Manager is:            Mandy Lee

We also have three administrative staff who run business and reception services for the school and two pool managers who are responsible for our Hydrotherapy Pool.

The school also manage and provide a base for the locality Autism Outreach Service – which employs 2 (FTE) teachers.

Every pupil can fulfil their potential within the unique PEAK curriculum, making learning motivating and relevant. This will be achieved through team work, dedication, patience and respect. We encourage our pupils, families and others to be involved every step of the way.

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Unique people, individualised approach