MOVE stands for; Movement Opportunities Via Education.


It is a child centered, team approach to maximize the opportunities for individuals to develop their functional skills.

MOVE supports children and their families in all environments.

MOVE at Peak school provides a cohesive framework where services work together to maximize the individual child’s potential.

Our MOVE team here at Peak school consists of Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Physiotherapists, and lunch time supervisors, we have regular in-service training to maintain our knowledge and skills framework and to ensure that we maintain the standards required of the MOVE Quality Mark.

We are very proud that, in December 2016, Peak School was successfully assessed as reaching the MOVE Quality Mark for the second time (previously in 2013).

The Benefits of MOVEmovepicture2


Active movement helps to delay deformities, promotes well being, effects circulation, bowel and bladder function, and influences respiratory difficulties.

Social Inclusion

As children develop their mobility skills this enables them to become more actively involved within their community and family settings.


MOVE supports learning potential, we all learn through our ability to move, to gain lifelong skills to equip us to make the transition from childhood to adulthood.


Setting goals to influence sitting standing and walking ability. To carry out daily tasks and routines in all environments.

 It focuses on goals set by the individual and their families. These may vary from :

  • Sitting independently to help with dressing.movepicture4
  • Standing long enough to have a chair placed behind them, instead of being hoisted.
  • Learning to walk and to play outside

Once a skill is acquired it is just as important to maintain the skill and use it when possible.

MOVE supports;

P Physical and sensory development

E Emotional wellbeing.

A  Accessing the world

K Knowledge and Skills.

Working towards goals which are meaningful to everyday life, MOVE at Peak motivates the individual to achieve, involving family members to contribute and be a part of their child’s success.

Please see our MOVE leaflet for more information.


Every pupil can fulfil their potential within the unique PEAK curriculum, making learning motivating and relevant. This will be achieved through team work, dedication, patience and respect. We encourage our pupils, families and others to be involved every step of the way.

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Unique people, individualised approach