Our Philosophy

‘Unique people, individualised approach’

We strive to provide innovative and highly enjoyable educational experiences for every pupil at Peak School.

This is very much due to our highly skilled, trained staff who are committed to ensuring that every pupil, whatever difficulties or challenges they may experience, makes positive progress.

Pupils at Peak work both within and outside the National Curriculum, dependent on levels and range of ability, but for all the learning  experience is individualised and targeted by our specialist staff team.  This approach means that all pupils are treated as individuals and the school focuses on promoting positive attitude, celebrating all achievements and endeavoring to provide the best possible preparation for the future, academically, socially and vocationally.

Therapy is an integral part of the curriculum and our school based therapy staff work closely with all school staff to ensure appropriate therapy delivery in a number of therapeutic environments including the hyrotherapy pool. We ensure that pupils medical needs are fully met by working alongside the on site school nurse.

Our proactive behaviour support ethos ensures that all pupils feel supported to manage their behaviour throughout the day.

Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with parents and carers. We believe children and young people learn best when home and school work together for their benefit.  Each pupil takes home a Home-School diary every day and termly meetings are held with parents/carers to ensure they are kept informed of progress.  Annual review meetings ensure that parents/carers, school and all other agencies involved with our pupils, share and record information on overall progress and set targets for the future.



Every pupil can fulfil their potential within the unique PEAK curriculum, making learning motivating and relevant. This will be achieved through team work, dedication, patience and respect. We encourage our pupils, families and others to be involved every step of the way.

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Unique people, individualised approach