Proposed Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)

For some time, in order to maximise opportunities for collaboration and joint working, the Derbyshire special schools, support centres and two Staffordshire special schools have worked together.

As part of this group we have been discussing the possibility of the school converting to become an academy and forming part of a multi-academy trust.  This proposal now has the backing of the Department for Education which has approved the establishment of Esteem Multi-Academy Trust.  This is being considered as a means to continue our very successful collaborative work.  The other schools who are also proposing to become part of Esteem Multi-Academy Trust are:

  • Amber Valley & Erewash Support Centre
  • Bennerley Fields School
  • Fountains High School
  • Fountains Primary School
  • Holbrook School for Autism
  • North East Derbyshire Support Centre
  • South Derbyshire Support Centre
  • Stanton Vale School

The formal consultation process regarding these proposals has now closed.  However, to help you understand the issues around coverting to become an academy you can find more information below.  This information describes what becoming an academy and working with other schools as part of Esteem Multi-Academy will mean for you and your child.

download Becoming An Academy - Information for Parents/Carers
download MAT Aims and Objectives


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