Adverse Weather Arrangements

During the winter (and spring!) months the weather in north Derbyshire can sometimes create potentially hazardous conditions.  Although, in order to ensure continuity of our pupils’ education, we hope for snow free winters, we do need to be prepared should snow arrive.

We will not take the decision to close the school lightly, however we do need to consider the health and safety of all our pupils, taxi drivers and staff.

If we have heavy snow overnight we will assess the situation and make a decision by 7:00a.m. Any notice of closure will be published on the Derbyshire website on the school closures page and on local radio. The Derbyshire website updates information every 10 minutes.

We will also post information on our Facebook page.

If it snows heavily during the day we will contact you, and the taxi firm, if we intend to send the pupils home before the normal end of the school day. On occasions the taxi firms may decide to collect the pupils early and it is their responsibility to contact you. We will check with the taxi that you are aware of this change before the pupil leaves school.

If the school is open but the taxi firm doesn’t feel it is safe to bring the pupils into school we will accept their decision. You may feel that the local roads are clear and decide to bring your child into school; if you do this you are responsible for collecting your child.

Every pupil can fulfil their potential within the unique PEAK curriculum, making learning motivating and relevant. This will be achieved through team work, dedication, patience and respect. We encourage our pupils, families and others to be involved every step of the way.

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